Best Paper Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the best paper awards at NAACL 2021! We awarded best long paper, best short paper, and best thematic paper awards, as well as outstanding paper awards for both short and long papers. These papers will be presented in a plenary session from 11:40-1:10 PDT on Wed June 9th. Please see the conference schedule for more details, and hope to see you there!

Best Long Paper

Video-aided Unsupervised Grammar Induction

Songyang Zhang, Linfeng Song, Lifeng Jin, Kun Xu, Dong Yu and Jiebo Luo

Outstanding Long Papers

Unifying Cross-Lingual Semantic Role Labeling with Heterogeneous Linguistic Resources

Simone Conia, Andrea Bacciu and Roberto Navigli

It's Not Just Size That Matters: Small Language Models Are Also Few-Shot Learners

Timo Schick and Hinrich Sch├╝tze

Best Short Paper

Learning How to Ask: Querying LMs with Mixtures of Soft Prompts

Guanghui Qin and Jason Eisner

Outstanding Short Paper

How many data points is a prompt worth?

Teven Le Scao and Alexander Rush

Best Thematic Paper

Preregistering NLP research

Emiel van Miltenburg, Chris van der Lee and Emiel Krahmer

Best Paper Selection Process

These papers have been selected from the pool of 1797 total submissions to NAACL 2021. Candidates were nominated by Senior Area Chairs and reviewed by the Best Paper Committee. Each committee member ranked a subset of the papers and the PC co-chairs considered all of the recommendations to make the final decisions. Special thanks to our distinguished Best Paper Committee: Isabelle Augenstein, Marco Baroni, Barbara Di Eugenio, Jacob Eisenstein, Hanna Hajishirzi, Omer Levy, Jessy Li, Yang Liu, Chris Quirk, and Bonnie Webber.