NAACL Session: Inclusivity in Conferences

The purpose of the diversity and inclusion panel is to bring together representatives from different affinity groups to discuss how NLP conferences can be made more accessible and welcoming. It is also to raise awareness for these issues with the larger community and the organisers of future conferences.

The shift to virtual conferences could have been a step towards opening up the research community to everyone regardless of their ability to travel. But the reality looks different: Prohibitive conference pricing, inaccessible platforms and the inability of organisers to accomodate for the realities of life during a global crisis uphold old barriers. In this panel representatives from Queer in AI, Black in AI, Latinx in AI and the disability community will discuss what it takes to make a conference truly accessible.

This event is accessible to everyone, even non-NAACL participants, and will be held in the form of a Zoom webinar and will be simultaneously streamed on YouTube.

1 - 2 pm PST, Monday June 7th (Convert to your timezone), Registration link


Host and Moderator: Sabine Weber (she/her)



In an one hour panel we will discuss topics such as tiered conference pricing, payment options, the communication of deadlines and other issues that need to be taken into account for the planning of future NLP conferences.